Creative Bridal Shower Ideas- Arabian Night Theme

Bridal shower PartyHow many of you cringe at the idea of attending another boring bridal shower?  Or having the task of hosting one yourself? So do you play it safe or dare to make the bridal shower be different, creative and fun!

Throw a Middle Eastern Bridal Shower complete with a belly dancer!

How?  Roll out the magic carpet!  Incorporate a spicy, tangy, Moroccan menu.  I can help you with Moroccan menu.  With suggestions, you can do it yourself or I can give you recommendations on places that cater exotic Moroccan dishes.  Set the atmosphere with large, bold cushions/pillows on the floor and couches.  Find ornate pieces like lanterns, shapely, colored glasses.  Play middle eastern music in background.

Start the Arabian Night vibes with theme shower invitations.  Some inviting examples are:    

    Scrolled invitations  of parchment with calligraphy:  Secure each scroll with tassles!                                                                                         
    Bottle invites:   Mimic the look of magic potions or genie bottles by using recycled perfume or small bottles as invitation “props.” You could look in flea markets and thrift shops for those that come in unusual shapes and pretty jewel tones. Simply write the party details on small fancy card or parchment paper.  Roll up the cards and pop them into the containers, using glitter-covered mini corks as bottle stoppers.

The goal of the belly dance shower is all about letting loose, throwing caution to the wind, exploring your sensual side!  Hire a belly dance instructor to host a small workshop with a performance.
When I teach/perform belly dance at bridal showers, I start with a short, costume performance as a preview.  I have coined sashes ready for all the guests who are sure to want to try and shimmy!  I will good-naturally encourage the bride to let loose and get up and dance along with her guests.  I can make copies of the belly dance  music ahead of time to use as shower favors.

Make your bridal shower UNFORGETTABLE! Women love to learn belly dance and will remember this bridal shower for years to come.  Allow me to help make your Bridal Shower a FUN success!


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