Frequently Asked Questions

There are dozens of belly dancers in Philadelphia area. What makes you unique?

The beauty of belly dance is that each artist brings something unique to the table. My passionate and fun performances bring beauty and excitement to your special event such as weddings, birthdays, retirements, bachelorette parties, showers, festivals, corporate parties, concerts, theater productions or any special celebration. I will tailor each performance to suit your vision to make that occasion unforgettable.

Will she bring music?

Yes,  will provide my own music on a CD or ipod mp. The client is responsible for providing an appropriate sound system to play the CD at the event. I normally perform to a mix of classical Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern pop music but will be glad to alter my music to suit your event.

How long of a show do you recommend for my event?

It all depends on the size and scale of your event.  A typical show is between 20 – 30 minutes.  May use veil, swords and/or double veils. When appropriate, the show may include audience participation, for example, the guest of honor may be asked to dance!

Some of my guests are bringing their kids to the party. Is belly dance still an appropriate form of entertainment?

Bellydancing with a young ladyYes, the belly dance show is family friendly. Children often love to dance, too!

How do I book you?

It’s easy! Once you’ve reviewed my Booking Info and FAQ’s, please call (412)879-0851 or email me at with the details of your event. I’ll need to know the day and time, the location of your event, how many guests you’re expecting, plus any other info on the theme of your event. If I’m available, I’ll tentatively pencil you in and ask that you sign a performance agreement and send a 50% retainer fee to hold the date. Once I get your contract and your payment, we’re good to go!

How far in advance should I book you?

It is better to book the show sooner than later.  Try to book at least 2-4 weeks in advance.  You will get the best results the more time I have to prepare for you event.  If you are flexible about the time that the show begins, last minute shows can often be worked in. However, Saturday nights and Holidays fill up quickly.

How far will you travel for my event?

Serve Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks County of PA along with Princeton area of NJ. Extended travel fees may apply for a longer commute but I’m more than happy to travel to you.

Is tipping appropriate?

While tipping is not required, I always appreciate a “thank you” if you enjoyed my performances! The most common way to tip a belly dancer is to throw bills over her head in a “money shower,” to discretely tuck a folded bill into the dancer’s arm bands or the side of her belt,  simply hand me my tip or add it to the balance of my payment.

Is there any type of event you don’t do?

I don’t do bachelor parties or any private parties for male-only audience.


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